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Hernia Surgery

If you've noticed a painful lump near your belly button, groin or previous incision site, it may be a hernia – and it can be fixed!

Image by Jonathan Borba

What’s going on?

A hernia is a weakness in the muscle or connective tissue , commonly in the groin, through which fat (or sometimes bowel or other organs) protrude through.

It can be painful, or noticeable as a lump,  or both.

Sometimes it can lead to further complications needing emergency surgical care, best avoided by repairing early.

The Solution

Because most adult hernias generally don’t go away by themselves, surgery is often recommended. Repairing them is usually straight forward and more often than not can be done using minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopic or robotic) getting you back to your favourite activities sooner. Often mesh is used to reduce that chance of it coming back.


It’s not uncommon to be concerned about the surgery and the impact it may have.  We will talk about any concerns and risks associated with the operation: we'll work it out together.

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